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i LITERALLY can not believe that they deleted this scene my blood is boiling someone call the police

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Chloe Moretz for InStyle Magazine

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I have read my OTP fall in love a thousand times, and I shall read my OTP fall in love a thousand times more
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Benedict Cumberbatch says thank you for raising funds for his birthday (x).

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Oh haaiii it’s another Merlin piece — I can’t help but feel a bit guilty! It’s simple with Merlin cos I’m in the fandom, but with other shows, I have to mull over the character until I find something that I can latch onto and use to make the piece memorable. But I think I’ve finally got something! *fist pump* For next week. Meanwhile, let me tell you about how Merlin came to be the silent guardian of Camelot…

After the Battle of Camlann, Merlin disappears into the woods without a trace. When Aithusa finds him, he is slumped against a fallen oak with vines and leaves growing over and around his still body. His eyes have lost their blue from having to live off of magic while slowly losing his humanity in the process*, and his hair has long turned snow white from grief. But slowly, determinedly… Aithusa nurses Merlin back to health, and together they look after each other and Camelot.

Since then, travelers passing though the woods would tell of a strange ball of blue light, or the small raven that lead them back to the right path. There are stories of a funny old man who offers food and shelter for the night, and his hovel that disappears at sunrise. There is the boy that magically appears out of nowhere, who would keep children calm and entertained with clever little tricks until their parents came for them. Even rarer are the encounters with a croaky old woman whose remedies never failed to aid those truly in need of them.

Merlin lets the rumors spread far and wide because they help in their cause. Already bandits and mercenaries dare not come near Emrys’ woods. "For the enemies of Camelot, there are only curses and imminent demise.” To this day, legend tells of the Ghost Guardian and his Dragon of Mistforever roaming the woods, always watching, waiting for the return of the Once and Future King.

*You can thank Demi for this wonderfully depressing mental image! \o/

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The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Trailer – “The Mockingjay Lives”

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"I’ve been searching for a place of my own, now I’ve found it, maybe this is home.”

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A glimpse into the twitter world of Eoin Macken x

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❤ Our Sherlock sceneframing photos in no particular order
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I always think you know when people talk about sexuality now it always baffles me when they say „you know it’s 2014, you gotta go with the program and be modern” and I think what? why does 2014 got anything to do with it? In 2050 they’re going to look at us as if we’re cavemen. You don’t… That’s not the way sexuality works. You don’t update, you don’t get sexuality 5S. I recognize the irony of that but you know like, the thing is, some men are attracted to women some men are attracted to men and some women are attracted to men and some women are attracted to women and some like a bit of both and it’s been going on since the dawn of humanity and it’s going to continue until the end of humanity and it’s as natural as the grass growing and agh, so I think for God’s sake let’s move on people, let’s move on. That’s what I think.
Andrew Scott, Apple q&a
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